Singularity, 2015 - David Robinson
Occlusion, 2015 - David Robinson
Critical Mass, 2012 - David Robinson
Standing Figure, 2014 - David Robinson
Declension, 2014 - David Robinson
Device and Desire (AP), 2014 - David Robinson
Queen, 2009 - David Robinson
Vertical Desire, 2007 - David Robinson
Contrapposto, 2006 - David Robinson
Equestrian Monument, 2009 - David Robinson
Somnolent Signifiers, 2011 - David Robinson
Sisyphus, 2003 - David Robinson
Novice, 2007 - David Robinson
Repose, 2008 - David Robinson

Studies in Serendipity...

Tue, 2015-07-14

This fall David will be unveiling a new series of work in a special exhibition.

Building on the exploration of forms that resulted in David’s Homage Series, these new works are bold and unexpected manifestations of figuration, presented in a variety of materials and scales.


Robinson Studio Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the iconic Parker Street Studio building in Vancouver. Our gallery showcases the work of sculptor David Robinson, as well as occasionally hosting other exhibitions and cultural events. We are located on the 4th floor in unit #440.