Scapegoat, 2015 - David Robinson
Critical Mass, 2012 - David Robinson
Gaze, 2014 - David Robinson
Circling Wolf, 2015 - David Robinson
Standing Figure, 2014 - David Robinson
Declension, 2014 - David Robinson
Chair (Maquette), 2014 - David Robinson
Pieta, 2015 - David Robinson
Device and Desire (AP), 2014 - David Robinson
Nascence, 2008 - David Robinson
Form in Chaos, 2015 - David Robinson
Queen, 2009 - David Robinson
Harbinger, 2015 - David Robinson
Gyre 2011, David Robinson

New Works at Robinson Studio Gallery

Wed, 2015-11-25


Robinson Studio Gallery, in cooperation with Melissa Morgan Fine Art, has just hosted a preview exhibition of David's new body of work. After a successful reception on November 12th the show remained open for the public during the Eastside Culture Crawl. Our staff here at the studio and gallery had a wonderful time sharing the work with all our visitors.

The exhibition will soon be traveling down to Palm Desert to be shown at Melissa Morgan Fine Art.

Thanks to all our visitors at these events!


Robinson Studio Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the iconic Parker Street Studio building in Vancouver. Our gallery showcases the work of sculptor David Robinson, as well as occasionally hosting other exhibitions and cultural events. We are located on the 4th floor in unit #440.