Reflections on the River

We're delighted to announce the completion of Reflections on the River, the first public artwork commissioned by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. This project grew out of an exceptional public engagment process in a very special community, and we're honoured to have worked on a project that was undertaken by such passionate and dedicated people.

"Though the typical language of monumental public sculpture is often focused on memorializing some particular personage or event, this works seeks instead that greater distance from which we might see not a human but humanity - not a river, but the cultural connectivity of rivers.
Approaching MacDonald Drive, framed against a stunning view of the Athabasca River, we see a broad plate of Corten steel; rising 20 feet out of the ground, cut and curved as the meandering oxbows of the wandering water it mirrors. Drifting the current in a morphic memory of the ancient canoe, we see a figure plying these ancient waters. With their earthen oxides of green and rust, both canoe and figure are sculpted in an open lattice of metalwork; they are intended not as opaque historical depiction, but as open aesthetic reflection. Human and craft, their conjoined image playing on the waters, with a blazing sun, the harbinger of time, balancing on the horizon.

...further writings on the river
At the confluence of these boreal rivers fluid purposes converge, resolving into current, and countercurrent, all within a flow unceasing.

The image of river informs so much of our language, so many of our metaphors: of continuity, of natural necessity, of time itself...

Flying into this city-at-the-confluence we witness from the air the river’s own aptitude for wayfinding and change in a rugged terrain. To some unheard music she moves, in turns following and in turns leading, arabesque across the plain.

Humanity has been moved by means of her power, and is moved also by her grace, toward intimations of the sacred.

Nine thousand years of human habitation at this site, we are told. Compelled here like the river itself; our own bodies of water are borne in the current toward future possibility." - David Robinson

LAUNCH installed at the Civic Hotel

We're pleased to announce the installation of David's work Launch at the newly opened Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection.

David and his staff worked with the excellent team at Century Group and art consultant Brenda Bradshaw to develop an artwork that would speak to the vision for the landmark hotel, which was to merge BC’s artistry, culture and flavours with the spirit of entrepreneurial discovery.

From a given moment we look to the current 
And the river on which we pass is time.
Flown from some past, a lone figure plying waters immemorial 
Waters that make mountains into valleys
Ebb and flood made plain
River is drawn to the ocean as time into the timeless
And this vessel carries yet does not contain all that you would be
Steering by a star on some seaward horizon
From which the light reaches for your eye, unbending
Launch your way into winding waters
~ David Robinson, 2018

We hope you'll stop by this exciting new destination and enjoy the artwork!


We're pleased to share news of David's recent achievement! This November he was awarded Langara College's prestigious Outstanding Alumni Award, an honour shared by other leading professionals who have made significant contributions in their fields of professional expertise.
Here is a short video made by Langara College, interviewing David about his work and process:


Opening on Saturday, November 4th at Robinson Studio Gallery, Moving Matter is an exhibition of three artists—Cybele Ironside, Stefany Hemming and David Robinson. 

Please join us for the public opening from 2pm-5pm
# 440-1000 Parker Street.

From enchanting visual fields to complex, entangled objects, Ironside, Hemming and Robinson investigate a convergence of matter and movement, producing evocative forms in paint and sculpture. Using intense processes of shaping, layering and uncovering, the artists give form to spaces of inward reflection and inquisitive states of being.


David’s work has been selected to be featured in this year’s ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

ArtPrize attracts over 500,000 visitors annually, making it the most attended public art event in the world in 2014 and 2015, according the The Art Newspaper’s annual “Big Ticket List.”

We’re excited to see David's iconic artwork Interval now on view at the Grand Rapids Public Museum until October 8th.
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